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Hello and welcome to Sir Speedy!

I’m deeply privileged to be at the helm to one of America’s most respected and well-known franchises. For more than 50 years, Sir Speedy has provided the products and services that keep businesses growing. Today more than ever, we’re branching out in new directions, leading the industry by offering innovative solutions that help our customers communicate better and reach their business goals. We continue to rank as a top franchise company and as a top provider in the print, signs and marketing services industry.

Our depth of capabilities has expanded to include digital printing, signage, direct marketing, websites, promotional products, online services and more, which have enabled our franchise owners to expand their offerings and revenue potential. By maintaining a progressive outlook and proactive stance, Sir Speedy continues to be at the forefront of change, providing our network with the edge needed to successfully compete in an evolving marketplace.

For entrepreneurs seeking new business ventures, it’s good to know our industry is in the fortunate position of being established while simultaneously experiencing resurgence. Small- to mid-sized companies are seeking partners to help them with lead generation, customer retention, brand management and other business drivers. We deliver on all that and more.

Our vision for success has always been rooted in one essential belief―support our network. As a result, Sir Speedy offers a clearly defined business model that allows our franchise owners to follow a proven system while operating independently. Our management team is the best in the industry with numerous years of experience teaching, training, coaching and supporting business owners.

We would be honored to talk to you about the possibility of becoming one of our franchise owners. We always have room in our family for more and here is where you can realize your dream of independent business ownership.

Kind regards,

Richard Lowe


Sir Speedy has enjoyed a long illustrious history spanning over 50 years in the printing business.


1968 – FIRST Sir Speedy opens in Costa Mesa, California


1973 – Named the fastest growing franchise in the nation

1977 –Kampgrounds of America (KOA) purchases Sir Speedy franchise


FIRST to introduce a nationwide network of FAX machines and color copiers. FIRST to move from traditional to electronic publishing using Macintosh computers

1981 – CEO, Don Lowe, joins company and takes it private


International expansion throughout the decade. Support businesses with short-run, quick turnaround, full-color digital printing for all document needs

1992 – Fifth straight year of industry-leading sales. FIRST to launch a website in the print industry (1995)


Introduces marketing services to its spectrum of capabilities, providing customers one-stop shop for printing and marketing needs. Leverages Internet to provide customers with Web-to-Print capabilities, online document management and one-to-one personalized communications

Sir Speedy continues to help customers grow their businesses with expanded marketing services designed to help them meet their business objectives such as lead generation, customer retention, brand management and more. Working with customers to help them grow their business is the cornerstone of the Sir Speedy brand.

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Sir Speedy owners serve the small-to mid-sized business community providing quality print, signs and marketing services. In today’s business world staying in touch with customers is more important than ever and Sir Speedy has the depth and breadth of services to help businesses grow. It couldn’t be a better time to be a part of a resurging business that can offer vast potential. Currently, prime Sir Speedy geographic markets are available across the country.

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Why Sir Speedy

There are a handful of momentous decisions made in one’s life, and choosing to be a business owner is one of them. Sir Speedy makes the next step easier – choosing which business to own.

Franchise Support

As a Sir Speedy franchise owner, you will have complete access to many business tools along with the added benefit of leadership, guidance and expertise provided by Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI), an organization that has successfully managed award-winning franchise networks for more than 50 years. We provide our franchise owners with unrivaled support throughout the franchise experience including the following:

  • A dedicated Business Management Consultant who advises on all key areas of business and serves as a valuable resource in the day-to-day operations of a Sir Speedy business
  • Business Development Consultants who focus on sales and sales management training
  • An entire corporate management team including marketing and a dedicated customer support team who are all available to get your questions answered
  • Industry-leading technology and R&D that includes access to more than 200 suppliers and discounts
  • State-of-the-art ecommerce technology and marketing services systems to support your business offerings and marketing outreach

Knowing you have an exceptional foundation to rely on enables you to pursue your business goals with confidence. It’s all within the realm of possibility with support provided by Sir Speedy.

Sales and Marketing

Your sales and marketing communications open doors and compel your customers to act. Sir Speedy delivers the strategic programs and tactical tools that make the job of marketing simple and effective. From the national to the local level, your business is supported by a variety of resources that can help you acquire customers and keep them coming back for more. Both offline and online marketing tools combined with our fine-tuned salesperson program provide the backbone for a comprehensive approach to getting and keeping customers.

The Sir Speedy corporate marketing team is only a click or phone call away. In partnership with our wholly-owned advertising agency, our marketing department brings our franchise owners the highest level of experience and professionalism. Their dedication and diligence in harnessing the latest technologies and marketing trends keep our franchise owners at the forefront of trending business.

Training & Technology

At Franchise Services (FSI) we consider ourselves a training company as much as a franchise management company. The foundation of training we provide our franchise owners is unrivaled and highly regarded in our industry.

Here are some of the multitude of training choices you have as a Sir Speedy franchise owner:

  • University Training
  • Annual Convention
  • Annual Sales Forum
  • Regional Roundtable Meetings
  • Regional Sales Clinics
  • On-site visits
  • Organized Board Groups
  • Live and Recorded Webinars
  • Ongoing Email Communications
  • Quarterly News Magazine
  • Monthly and Quarterly Equipment and Technology Update

The core component of all businesses is Operations. Having the right equipment, technology and production practices is vital in delivering quality products and services. Sir Speedy ensures that its franchise owners have access to the education, training and expert guidance needed to build a healthy operational structure. From attending our franchise university to technical support and everything in between, we provide a system geared to delivering optimal business performance.

We stay on the razor edge of technology and keep our eye on the future so we can advise our franchisees on every aspect of their operation such as the latest in technical and production offerings. We attend all the industry tradeshows and develop preferred strategic partnerships that provide enormous benefits to our franchisees such as national account pricing.

Consistent Year-Over-Year Performance

Success is dependent on many things―financial management, sales and marketing, equipment, production and training. We leave nothing to chance, providing operating systems that include all of the above. Maybe that’s why you’ll find Sir Speedy in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 List and why we consistently rank as a Top Franchise System by Franchise Business Review. Every so often the economy can throw a curve ball. It’s in times like these that franchise owners truly realize the value of their Sir Speedy network. We’re always advancing forward with new programs and innovations to keep our network healthy.


Our proven franchise system has been helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams for more than 50 years. Sir Speedy delivers products and services that businesses large and small use every day. Our network runs like clockwork for a reason. We have operating systems in place that have been modified and refined over five decades to serve the times in which we live. As a result, our franchise owners benefit from generations of real-world experience.


At FSI we believe relationships are the heart of our business, but our relationships go far beyond business.  Our ongoing support system keeps us shoulder-to-shoulder with our franchisees moving our relationship from a partnership to a friendship. Peer-to-peer franchisee friendships are built through our annual meetings, events, training sessions and other ways we keep our franchisees networked together for learning, sharing and growing their businesses.

Business Profile

What makes a successful franchise? The answer lies in the willingness of a franchise owner to apply the tools and strategies made available to him or her by the franchisor. Here is an overview of the characteristics applicable to successful franchises:

  • Preparing and operating by an annual business, sales and marketing plan.
  • Having a product and service mix that aligns with the demands of their local market.
  • Staying current on technology trends pertinent to their business and their customers.
  • Keeping a close eye on financials and making adjustments throughout the year.
  • Hiring and training quality employees and themselves.
  • Consistently marketing through various targeted methods including: direct mail, email, search engine marketing, telemarketing, social media, etc.
  • Employing an outside salesperson(s). (This could be the franchise owner.)
  • Attending events sponsored by the franchisor to further their knowledge.

The advantage of being one of our franchisees is that we provide you with the road map, tools, and support to successfully match this profile.


What are the primary responsibilities of a Franchisee?

Sir Speedy business owner(s) focus on building and managing day-to-day operations. They are responsible for developing and acquiring clients and maintaining customer relationships, which is aided by sales and marketing collateral as well as sales assistance from our Business Development Consultants. They hire and manage employees who will assist in sales, marketing and operations and manage all financial, purchasing and other operational aspects of the business.

What will it cost to open a Sir Speedy?

The start-up costs to open a Sir Speedy business break down as follows:

Initial Franchise Fee:


Initial Equipment Package:


Training and Opening Expenses:


Additional Funds**:

$125,000 to $150,000

*VetFran Discount $3,750

** Additional Funds reflect an estimate of the working capital you will need on hand during the initial phase of business operations including, but not limited to: initial employee wages, utility deposits, insurance, advertising, legal and accounting fees, permit costs, dues (i.e., Chamber of Commerce), apparel, recruitment, miscellaneous training expenses, high-speed Internet connection set-up, initial inventory of computer supplies, as well as additional operating capital for other variable costs (i.e., rent, electricity, telephone and heat), cleaning and other supplies.

What type of franchise candidate is Sir Speedy looking for?

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, enjoy interacting with customers and wish to work with a proven business system, then Sir Speedy may be an excellent business opportunity for you. Our franchise owners come from all types of backgrounds and geographic locations with one goal―to establish and control their own destiny.

What type of training does Sir Speedy provide?

You receive two weeks of hands-on training at Print Management University in Mission Viejo, CA. Focus is on our four operating systems with the opportunity to meet the support staff of Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI). In addition, franchises owners and salespeople can attend several national events like our annual Sales Forum and convention or regional one-day sales training and sales management sessions.

What type of assistance is provided after opening a Sir Speedy business?

The corporate team at Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI) and Sir Speedy are committed to our franchise owners’ success. Not only do we have ongoing training through our webinars and recorded webinars and national and local events, you will always be able to rely on continued support from your Business Management Consultant, Business Development Consultant, marketing, technical and training staff. Each and every one is dedicated to helping the network succeed.

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