Business Profile

The right business at the right time

More than 11 million small business owners need assistance with their IT needs* and your business will be the go-to place for their ongoing computer services. These business owners want to talk with businesspeople about their needs, not with technicians and that’s the TeamLogic IT difference! Our offices are run by businesspeople who understand the business side of IT. They’re not technicians who just fix things.

As a TeamLogic IT franchise owner you get a concrete system to follow with tools and strategies to help make your business a success. You’ll have:

  • The right mix of products and services to meet the demands of your local market.
  • Access to current technology trends pertinent to your business and customers.
  • A unique, custom-designed proactive managed services system that serves as a source of
           recurring revenue from remote maintenance, backup, anti-virus services, and more.
  • Sales, marketing and business plan support to keep your business growing.
  • A team of corporate sales, marketing, and operations support personnel available for guidance and support whenever you need them.